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After having the same teams for about a year now, I think giving players the option to choose which teams should stay / be replaced would freshen up the gamemode a bit and make it more fun!

I have posted a list of options in a poll here, you can vote for as many options as you like. Feel free to discuss changes / gang perks / spawn areas / spawn cars here. All intelligent suggestions / comments will be considered.

SAG News and Updates / SAMP 0.3x released, Server already on 0.3x
« on: January 31, 2013, 06:27:37 pm »
The server has updated to 0.3x. You can download it here:

Server will NOT work with older versions.

SAG News and Updates / New IRC
« on: October 12, 2012, 01:36:36 am »
I and Matt just fixed the server so that it is hosted on a better computer that is up 24/7 and should perform better than the computer we had before, which is why it has 100 slots now. Along with the new host is a nice IRC feature that was added.

If you want to join us, we are on the network, our channels are #SAG and #SAG.echo

To connect with mibbit, follow this link:

You can talk directly in-game and should be able to see death information. I will be adding more info for the bots to report later on.

SAG Information / SAG Server Rules. Read Them.
« on: October 04, 2012, 03:39:55 pm »
These rules can also be found in-game by using /rules.

1. You are not allowed to use hacks / cheats - you will be banned for 8,000 years.
2. You are not allowed to spam / flood the chat.
3. You are not allowed to flame / disrespect other players
4. You are not allowed to be racist or say any racial words
5. You are not allowed to spawnkill - you will be punished even though they are under spawn protection.
6. You are not allowed to quit the game / pause to avoid being killed in ANY WAY.
7. You are not allowed to help hackers (if you can, you should actually be trying to make their visit miserable). In doing so, you may be banned as well!
8. You are not allowed to artificially lag yourself to make yourself harder to shoot.

These bugs are ALLOWED in the server:
-Not really a bug, but driver DB
-C-bug for all weapons except for the Rocket Launcher.
-Quick reload (switching weapons quickly to avoid reloading animation)
-Using parachute to damage cars
-Jumping / climbing to lower fire damage
-Entering / Exiting car to recharge nitro
-Using animations to lower the chance of falling off a plane
-Early car explosion
-Idle DB / "Idle-Camping"
-High bunny hop with a tec / uzi / SMG
-Knife desync bug. Doing this to teammates is against the rules!
-entering / exiting interiors to clear out fire or satchels
-going into 'glitch areas' where a wall or the ground isnt solid

All other bugs are NOT allowed, ESPECIALLY no reload and slide bug. Abusing server bugs is grounds for heavy punishment - you should report them and not abuse them.

Please note these rules may change at any time. I will post when a rule is added / changed - it is your responsibility to read the topic.

Before posting anything, make sure that what the player was doing is against the rules - most SA-MP bugs are allowed on the server. Review the rules to prevent making a void topic.

When reporting someone, please use their EXACT in-game username as the title - if you don't have it, no action can be taken.

Please copy and paste + fill this form out when reporting somebody:

In-game Name:

You must have clear, well-incriminating screenshots, or a complete video as proof - otherwise no action can be taken. As a reminder, you can use F8 while in-game to get a screenshot.

Players Introduction or Parting / [Join] [GFc]Luca_Brasi
« on: September 30, 2012, 05:46:38 pm »
Hello all mmtech members. Most of you already know me but since it's been so long since I last played on PTP, I thought I might as well introduce myself to those who haven't heard of me yet.

I'm here since mmtech and my server, San Andreas Gangwars, are working together to help popularize both of our places, and so that I can talk to the old PTP players that I still know.

I am the current leader of GFc and the owner of SAG, which now has its own section on the forums here. It's a deathmatch server that features gangwars, a stunting system, deathmatch areas, formal duels (including rustler duels and soon, limited ammo and bike DB duels) and a few other features. Unfortunately the server is having a lot of problems so it won't be playable until at earliest the end of this week.

I am a software developer and enjoy scripting, so I will be here to help Matt do scripts on mmtech's server as well as my own. I live in the USA and currently live with my brother, who has just joined the forum here. My SAMP specialties include bike DBs, helikilling, rustler flying and micro uzi / spas shooting, although I really need work on sawns. I'm also a bad driver :D

SAG Discussion / San Andreas Gangwars Screenshots and Videos
« on: September 28, 2012, 08:21:43 pm »
Post any screenshots here :D :D

Only of THIS server please

SAG Clans / [GFc] - A New Empire
« on: September 28, 2012, 07:21:52 pm »

Clan G Force
Forums / Foros:
To post an application, please visit the forums
Para publicar su aplicación, por favor visite los foros

Leaders / Lí­deres:

Luca_Brasi aka Bambi_Power

Members / Miembros:

LeOn_ aka Arfat_Rp
TheCreator aka KidKush
Put@sso aka Kurt_Cobain, GuitarPower

Inactive Members / Miembros Inactivos:


Alliances / Alianzas
Clan [FcK]

SAG Admin/Player Reports / READ Before Posting an Admin Abuse Thread!
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:43:04 pm »
When posting your report, please fill out this form:

What were you doing?:
What did the admin do?:
The approximate date / time:
Chat logs:
Any other additional information you want to include:

Before posting an appeal, try to step into the staff's shoes. Did he mute / kick you because what you said could be taken offensively? Did you try to rustle the staff's jimmies previously and triggered your own punishment?

If it has been deemed the admin has indeed abused his power, action will be taken in the form of a warning or even a demotion.

SAG Bug, Complaint & Suggestion / Reporting A bug
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:37:21 pm »
Reporting bugs requires a lot of detail because fixing it often takes a lot of detail.

When reporting a bug, use this form as a guide:

Description of the bug:
What you were doing a few seconds after the bug happened:
Were you in a DM area, event or stunting?
Other notes:

Before posting a bug, try to see if the bug is repeatable. If it is, please include that. If the bug only works during certain conditions, you should mention that, too. The more relevant information that is included, the easier it will be to fix.

SAG Kick/Bans / Posting a Ban Appeal
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:36:04 pm »
Username: The name you used when the ban occured.
Reason: reason why you were banned
IP: Click here and include the IP it gives you.
Admin: The admin who banned you
My side: Tell us what happened.

Do not post in other peoples' ban appeals unless you have additional evidence to offer.

When you post a ban appeal, you are guilty until proven innocent. Omitting any of the information in the form above will only hurt you. It is in your best interest that you are honest about everything you say - you are more likely to be unbanned if you admit what you did than by denying it ever happened.

SAG Information / An Introduction to the Gamemode
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:30:06 pm »
This will be put in the server as a /help command later.

What do we do in this gamemode?

The main activities include doing deathmatches (on the streets or using /ww or /rw), taking turf and doing NRG stunts (/stuntinfo). Weekly events are also held for new turf every Saturday, with a variety of weapons and conditions. Races are also held occasionally.

Where is the armor?

Armor can be obtained in East Los Santos and near Didier Sach's (follow the red + sign). You can also buy it from Ammunation.

Who are the admins?

You can use the /admins command to see the authority that is currently logged in. Currently I am the only admin.

How do turf wars work?

To start a turf war, you must either:

a) Have 3 of your gang members wait in a turf area.
b) Kill 3 opposing gang members in an area. Kills done from inside a vehicle do not count.

You must stay INSIDE THE TURF for 3 whole minutes with at least 3 gang members in it, or you will lose the turf war!

If you win a turf war, you gain $1,000 and +1 score. If your team inside the turf has a combined score of 500 after the +1 score addition, you win all of the foe's turf!

How do I spawn cars?

You cannot. However, if you are healthy, you can use a teleport. Look at /teleports for a list. If you are stranded, try using /reclass.

When am I considered "Healthy"?

To play in deathmatch areas, events, use teleports or start stunting, you must be considered healthy. Your armor and health combined must be at least 85 to be considered healthy enough to use these commands. This is done so that we have less death evaders.

How do I get different weapons?

You can buy weapons at Ammunation or take them from enemy gang members after you kill them. You can also find them on the map. There are currently 13 hiding spots in LS where special weapons are hidden. See if you can find them!

Can I be mod / admin?

Please do not ask such questions, the administrators here will make those decisions.

You can increase your chances by being active, following the rules, being polite and genuinely being interested in the server, but no guarantees can be made.

What bugs are allowed / not allowed here?

-Idle DB is NOT ALLOWED until the anti-pause script works.
-Slide bug is NOT allowed.
-C bug for rocket launchers is NOT allowed.
-Abusing server script bugs is NOT allowed, and will lead to heavy punishment. If you find such a bug, please report it.

All other bugs are allowed, although it is your responsibility to check back on this topic to ensure no new bugs are forbidden.

How do I donate?

We are currently not accepting donations, mainly because the VIP system has not been tested. After getting a playerbase and a mostly-working VIP script, donations will be accepted.

Current VIP stuff:
-Neon lights under cars
-mounting guns on the player's body
-a callable and customizable VIP car in your spawn
-skin, car wheel, car color and car mod changes

SAG Information / Stunt Number Descriptions
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:27:28 pm »
Stunt 1: LS bike part, jump to north building
Stunt 2: LS bike part, jump to east building
Stunt 3: Ocean Docks, jump onto roof
Stunt 4: on LV Airport airstrip, jump onto lookout tower
Stunt 5: LV, jump onto building across from pirate ship
Stunt 6: Sobell Rail yards: jump onto billboard
Stunt 7: South Doherty in SF: jump off save house stairs
Stunt 8: Jump on top of Wang's car shop
Stunt 9: Scale up wall in Garcia
Stunt 10: Speed west down the street east of the Four Dragon's Casino, hit the bushes to the north and land on top of the Four Dragon's Casino sign.
Stunt 11: North point of LV's strip: jump onto casino roof closest to the police station
Stunt 12: Redsands West: jump onto roof of building
Stunt 13: Start near Redsands West savehouse, jump onto baseball stadium roof
Stunt 14: Start in baseball park parking lot in LV, and jump onto warehouse to the north
Stunt 15: GhOst's jump Jump onto blue cargo containers northeast of LV's baseball park parking lot
Stunt 16: VRock Hotel, jump onto roof to the east
Stunt 17: Jump onto roof of The Visage from the northwest
Stunt 18: Jump onto 24/7 roof on the strip
Stunt 19: Jump onto the Clown's Pocket roof from the parking lot
Stunt 20: Jump onto building across from the pirate ship by jumping from the back of it
Stunt 21: Get onto sphynx at the camel's toe
Stunt 22: Use the LV strip bushes to jump on top of The Pink Swan.
Stunt 23: Jump on top of the Pink Swan in LV
Stunt 24: Jump on top of TransFender in Come-A-Lot
Stunt 25: Jump on top of gas station between Ammunation and The Four Dragon's
Stunt 26: Jump from highway (a little left from the southern exit of LV) onto a billboard
Stunt 27: Jump into the back training area of SF's driving school
Stunt 28: Jump onto building at Easter Bay Airport, start just across the Easter Bay Airport / Easter Bay waterway
Stunt 29: Jump from Marina rooftop to another rooftop It's right near the PTP LS Nade stash
Stunt 30: Do 2 jumps out back of the visage to get onto the roof of it
Stunt 31: Jump onto LS Airport terminal roof from the eastern highway
Stunt 32: Jump onto Downtown roof across from bike park from right under the mullholland intersection
Stunt 33: Jump onto northern billboard in LS Bike park
Stunt 34: Jump onto southeastern billboard in LS Bike park
Stunt 35: Start from Jefferson and jump onto building east of LS's bike park
Stunt 37: Start east of the Four Dragon's casino near the highway and jump onto a billboard to the west
Stunt 38: Ride a wall to get onto las colinas roof, just north of the ganton floodgates
Stunt 39: Jump onto PTP SF president spawn from the southern allyway
Stunt 40: Jump to theater roof in Doherty from the construction site
Stunt 42: Jump onto mansion roof in Mullholland east of Madd Dogg's mansion
Stunt 43: Jump onto Ocean Dock's cargo boxes Located on the western side of the Ocean Docks "island"
Stunt 44: Jump onto Ocean Dock's cargo boxes Located on the western side of the Ocean Docks "island"
Stunt 45: Jump onto Chinatown roof from a factory hillrise, east of the SA Federal Mint
Stunt 46: Jump onto roof east of LV's southern Ammunation
Stunt 47: Jump from VRock hotel parking lot to a southern rooftop
Stunt 48: Jump near the top splitoff of Harry Gold Parkway and land onto 24/7 rooftop, north of Pay N Spray
Stunt 49: Jump onto Fort Carson church, east of the pay n spray there
Stunt 50: Jump onto The High Roller roof
Stunt 51: Jump onto the building east of the FC PTP spawn from southern SF
Stunt 52: Jump onto rooftop in back of Willowfield's Ammunation from a staircase
Stunt 53: Jump onto El Corona rooftop, just north of the tattoo parlor
Stunt 54: Jump onto apartment building roof east of Willowfield's Cluckin Bell
Stunt 55: Jump to rooftop northeast of SF's hospital
Stunt 56: Jump to house rooftop just north of the Avispa Country Club
Stunt 57: Jump onto palm tree north of Colonel Furburger's house
Stunt 58: Jump onto awning of the building across from the LV strip's sex shop parking lot
Stunt 59: Jump off the staireast of SF's police station and land onto a landing on the train bridge
Stunt 60: Jump onto an East Beach apartment roof via the multifloor carpark
Stunt 61: Get onto a building NorthEast of Ocean Flat's Cluckin' bell
Stunt 62: Ride a wall to get onto Michelle's Pay n Spray roof
Stunt 63: Stunter's special signpost jump in LS start-off
Stunt 64: Jump onto the building that is SouthWest INSIDE the LV airport
Stunt 65: Start from Idlewood's parking lot and jump onto Old Reese's barber shop roof
Stunt 66: Get onto the roof southEast of LV's police station
Stunt 67: Jump onto billboard northwest of the Jefferson Hospital via the Idlewood highway entrance
Stunt 68: Rooftop north of the Sphynx at The Camel's Toe
Stunt 69: Speed down the strip, and land on a house rooftop in Rockshore West
Stunt 70: Ride a wall to get on top of the LV airport terminal entrance building
Stunt 71: Jump out of the SF driving school training area by riding the wall
Stunt 72: Get on top of The Pink Swan from the north
Stunt 73: Jump onto Cranberry Station's train station via your garage
Stunt 74: Start from Starfish CAsino's Burger Shot and jump to an eastern building
Stunt 75: Jump onto a very small awning in the area east of LS's bike park
Stunt 76: Jump onto the roof of a brown building right next to the eastern carwash in Vinewood
Stunt 77: From the west side of the Burger Shot in Vinewood, jump onto a roof that has a water storage container on it
Stunt 78: Jump into KACC Military Fuels via the Spinybed Burger Shot
Stunt 79: Drive past Little Mexico into Unity Station, hit the Unity Station train tunnel rail, and land onto a billboard
Stunt 80: Hit the sidewalk wall outside of Easter Basin's gas station and land on the gas station roof.
Stunt 81: Jump onto the Old Venturas Strip Cluckin Bell roof
Stunt 82: Hit an LVA Freight Depot ramp from the side (with sharp wheelie) and get onto a roof
Stunt 83: Hit the road overpass south of LV's southern Ammunation and get onto gas station roof
Stunt 84: Start in Old Venturas Strip's Cluckin Bell parking lot, jump onto a building east of it
Stunt 85: Start southeast of Juniper Hollow's Burger Shot, hit a bump to get onto Burger Shot roof
Stunt 86: Start at the northwest corner of Doherty's construction site, hit a wall and get onto a Finalbuild outhouse
Stunt 87: Drive past Wang's car shop, hit railing surrounding candy machine, and get onto roof
Stunt 88: Drive up the Garver Bridge
Stunt 89: Jump onto building in back of the Four Dragon's
Stunt 90: jump off stairs just east of Come A Lot Transfender
Stunt 91: Get onto fountain south of the LV police station
Stunt 92: Hit a bush northeast of the pyramid in LV, get onto building top same target as another jump
Stunt 93: Drive under mullholland intersection and land on building a bit west from it
Stunt 94: Start a little bit southwest of the Market hospital, hit a bump and get onto store roof
Stunt 95: Hit a small ramp east of Doherty's train station, break a fence and go up to another level $650
Stunt 96: Start near VLA lowrider spot in LS, get onto railway awning
Stunt 97: Speed down the water floodgate southeast of Ganton, drive off and hit a fence, land onto factory
Stunt 98: Get onto building 2 blocks north of marina (country club?)
Stunt 99: Start a little east of Grove Street, hit a bridge arch and land on Willowfield building roof
Stunt 100: Drive to eastern LV highway circle thing, hit lane separator and get on billboard
Stunt 101: Get onto billboard to the northeast of bike park at Glen Park
Stunt 102: Hit plantation cement thing and land on the building south of LS's police station
Stunt 103: Jump off gate south of SF police station, and land on the train bridge where a minigun spawns
Stunt 104: Drive west on the idlewood highway, jump onto building north of the dance hall
Stunt 105: Eastern roof of The High Roller: $600
Stunt 106: Jump near the bayside police dept Maverick, and fly east over the ocean
Stunt 107: Drive down flint county highway, hit the overpass block near the southern part of Flint County, and land onto an electric tower
Stunt 108: Drive north in SF past the squiggly entrance, and land on the building straight ahead
Stunt 109: use the ramp in calton heights to get onto a roof (you must drive slow)
Stunt 110: Jump onto building southeast of PTP LS Terrorist spawn
Stunt 111: LS Airport: Jump onto a pole in the western parking lot
Stunt 112: Jump onto northern LS Airport hangar (inside the airport), located to the northeast
Stunt 113: Use a small stairto jump from the LS airport onto the terminal roof Then drive to the helicopter pad
Stunt 114: Jump onto the roof of Didier Sach's
Stunt 115: Jump on top of the very tall building near FC President spawn
Stunt 116: Drive down highway north of Ocean Docks, and jump onto a water tower southwest of Willowfield's Ammunation
Stunt 117: Use overpass rail to jump onto westernmost Ganton apartment
Stunt 118: Drive past East LS carwash, hit railing and land on rooftop
Stunt 119: Starting from the LS Fire Station, jump onto the Jefferson hospital roof
Stunt 120: Jump onto yellow box-shaped sign in the sex shop parking lot in LV
Stunt 121: Ride a wall to a small ledge on a building It is just south of Verdant Bluffs and across from Verona Beach
Stunt 122: Get on top of SF hospital, then get to a rooftop with a radio tower on top of it
Stunt 123: Start at LS airport monument, and get onto highway overhead
Stunt 124: Go down Verona Beach walkway, hit the stairs north of Verdant Bluffs, and land on building roof
Stunt 125: Go down Verona Beach stairs in back of Pay n Spray, get on billboard
Stunt 126: Start north of police station in LS, speed down street and hit a tree holder, get onto Idlewood dance hall roof
Stunt 127: Start in central Downtown LS, drive west and hit a wall to get onto a building southwest of Mullholland Intersection
Stunt 128: Start in the floodgate northwest of Pershing Square, drive up a wall to the Ammunation building rooftop
Stunt 129: Drive down Verona Beach road west of Verdant Bluffs, hit a pool border near the Verona Beach safehouse and land on roof
Stunt 130: Start on top of the wall west of the SF driving school, do a drop bump to get onto a billboard that is south of it
Stunt 131: Hit a plant holder near Linden Station, LV, and land on the southern Linden Station building
Stunt 132: Hit a bump on the fence north of the general store in Creek, LV, and get onto said general store

SAG News and Updates / Official Updates Thread
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:23:06 pm »
Please note that you can find the latest 5 updates in-game by typing /updates. This is an archive of all updates since 3/17/12

Version 1.6

8-2 - Reworked the /teamstats command (may look incorrect still). Hopefully fixed a few bugs with car bombs. Added an admin GM interface and made some slight improvements to the anticheat.

7-26 - Turfing system works! When you start a war, you can now see your team's kills and amount of team members present in that turf on your screen to the left. Relocated hidden weapons so that they are easier to find. Your prefered language now saves correctly to the database.

7-22 - Added a new feature in /pcp where you can see the name of the district you are in. Fixed a few bugs with VIP cars, duels, the /stalk command and pause bugs. Fixed a few anticheat bugs related to car surfing. DB duels do not work - working on a fix.

7-14 - Fixed ranks. Gave Hobos a unique vehicle in their spawn. Removed / added a few admin commands. The vehicle system is now fully database-driven. Got rid of a few PVar-driven values in favor of functions. Fixed the /ww and /rw invincibility bug.

Version 1.5

7-12 - Made some HUGE updates to the structure of vehicle spawns and moved some commands. Heavily upgraded the password / security question system. Fixed a few bugs with duels and car bombs. Anti-pause\ndoes NOT WORK because I am debugging another problem with /ww and /rw. BETA: VIP cars now lock for everyone except admins / the car owner.

7-8 - Stunting and turfing system now use databases! Experimenting with timed gang comments so that you can both listen to the radio and gang comments when you kill someone. Heavily modified the way the server deals with certain variables.

7-6 - Added a few anticheat protections. Added gang kill comments to 2 of the hobos.

7-3 - Upgraded /report and /pm functions - they are logged more efficiently and the system can now send people PMs by itself. /radio seems to work perfectly now!

6-30 - Added a few new stunts. Fixed a bug with turf wars not starting, and made it slightly easier to start a war. DM areas will now play a bell when you hit someone. BAMBI HAS ENTERED THE SERVER!

6-27 - Fixed a bug with kill streaks when someone disconnects. Fixed a few anticheat false-positive causes. Force-killing players is done in a more formal way through the scripts.

6-19 - Completely redesigned class selection screen using some new 0.3x functions. Hopefully fixed knife bugging teammates (you get kicked for it). Gave Aztecas some new weapons. You cannot fall off your bike while stunting.

Version 1.4

6-9 -  Changed the duel and /rw1 arenas. Added some solid platforms so you don't fall under the interior in the GSF gang house. Improved slide bug detection.

6-8 - Fixed the security question and password reset problems. Updated the anticheat a bit. Upgraded from dcmd to zcmd.

6-5 - More Las Venturas adaptions added, including gang houses, ammunations and spawn weapons. Fixed a few bugs with /reclass. Added more hax protections to the anticheat. Hopefully fixed the mute problem.

5-29 - A HUGE update was made! The map has changed to Las Venturas, all teams have new spawns, new gang houses and new vehicles! The map will switch between LS and LV each month. Fixed a few bugs with locking vehicles.

5-19 - Fixed weapon drops. Fixed a bunch of bugs with registering. Admins can now change a user's password. More anticheat updates. Players can now see the last 10 kicks of an online player using /kickhistory <id>.

5-18 - Fixed a bug with /stunt giving double money. Fixed a bug where the AC would report you for getting your tires popped as a Vago. If you are in stunting mode, you now will not fall off your bike!

5-17 - More major updates for the Anticheat. Fixed a bug with duels. Fixed the teamkill menu showing up when a bot kills you.

5-14 - The anticheat got some MAJOR updates. I dare you to try and hack in the server now.

5-11 - Better (hopefully) slide bug detection. Chat messages are better-structured and will not take up as much space on the chat. Fixed another duel bug, hopefully. Fixed a problem with the text label not disappearing after you finish smoking weed.

5-6 - Fixed anti vehicle repair, added inflating-tire detection to the anticheat. Added an anti-DB feature (not yet used).

5-2 - Added a low FPS kicker, slide bug detection (you get kicked for doing it 3 times) and yet another bug with cduel.

4-30 - Changed /ww1 to a new (fenced) area. Upgraded the anticheat more.

4-28 - Made an option for admins to allow punishment / no punishment for people who use driver DB. More anticheat additions.

4-27 - Worked on the anticheat more.

4-25 - Fixed a few spec bugs.


4-21 - Made some major upgrades to the anticheat. Team chat, normal chat and PM messages should now all format correctly in the main chat.

4-20 - Added a new function that automatically parses peoples' names. Fixed a few problems with the duel script. Changed a few deathmatch locations.

4-17 - Did a review of all the code and removed unused / unneeded crap. Made use of a few functions to make the scripts more interactive with each other.

Version 1.3

4-7 - The Jefferson Motel is now enterable. Hopefully fixed a spawn protection / duel bug. Fixed a problem with certain ban reasons.

4-6 - Fixed problem where ban messages showed 2 chat message notifications. Hopefully fixed a bug with /spec and /get. Increased the distance between spawning cars used in races.

3-10 - Fixed chat message length and team chat message length so that it doesn't fill up half the screen when you type a message. Fixed the anti-flood kicker. Working on an anti-quit-evade system.

3-8 - Added limited ammo duel and timed duel functionality.

2-24 - Fixed FPS updating so that it is more accurate. Hopefully fixed bounty kills so that they get affected when someone dies.

2-23 - Added police death comments. Upgraded bans. Tweaked the anticheat.

2-13 - Added some more gang comments. Removed the damaged car feature because it wasn't using the right event.

2-12 - Merged a FS with the gamemode so that hopefully there are no more pickup bugs. Fixed a problem with two of the race hazards. Jimmy_Rustler somehow fixed himself.

2-11 - Added some mod commands. Added a new VIP feature that will show you if you damaged a car.

2-8 - Tidied up a few warnings in the fiilterscripts so that script is hopefully less prone to bugs. Moved a few Vago spawn cars so that you can more easily get to one. Hopefully fixed the infamous 0.3x bug where players are not notified when they are kicked from the server once they connect. Fixed a bug with killing paused people in pauser world. Added kill comments for Sweet and Ryder skins.

2-7 - Vagos' car tires are now invincible as a team perk. The Vago MUST be the driver.

2-5 - Working on a new feature for Vago's. Fixed a bug with setting your skin to a gang skin. Fixed a bug with stats not saving properly. Fixed VIP skins and score so they correctly save and load.

2-1 - Fixed a problem with DBing on a bike with a non-submachine gun. Removed races for now since there is a 0.3x problem with checkpoints. Fully translated /help. EDIT: fixed races.

1-31 - Upgraded to 0.3x. VLA can now use command /rebotar to add hydraulics to a car. Hopefully fixed a serious teleportation bug with dropped weapons.

1-26 - Added ant-airbrake protection to the anticheat.

1-25 - Rehauled the admin system - ALL admin commands are now logged. Some admin commands will be shown to regular players too, such as when an admin bans / kills someone.

1-23 - Auto login completely annihilated from the script. In its place is a VIP skin saver - if you are VIP you can change your skin and it will automatically apply when you respawn. Added a few new stunts.

1-18 - Translated /stuntinfo and /rules into Spanish thanks to Percy_Peru. Hopefully fixed a problem with people leaving\nthe server while in a duel. You can now continue to stunt if you are\nlow on health. Jimmy_Rustler died.

1-11 - Mute and jail evasion script added.

12-31 - Duel should work 100% now. /spec and /specoff mostly work, I haven't found bugs with them yet. Replaced some of the duel weapons that you can use. Jimmy_Rustler is back.

12-29 - Fixed a bug where reclassing would prevent you from taking damage from your former team. Working on a solution to ending a duel properly. Made it so that players are thrown out of a VIP vehicle if it's not their vehicle, rather than locking the doors. Working on a proper spectation system.

12-27 - Fixed the pause system not sending you to the pauser virtual world. Lowered the respawn time for armor + health. Increased ammo for hobo charity. Fixed Ammunation not responding to menu selections. Tweaked the anticheat a little so it knows what to do when people spawn.

Version 1.2

12-26 - Upgraded the VIP system to make it easier to use. You can now have a loadable, savable VIP car. Hobos now have spawn vehicles. Fixed a bug with score-setting.

12-23 - Locking cars no longer conflicts with admin car lock overrides. Added a tank somewhere.

12-18 - Pausers should now be transported to another world so that other people cant get a pause kill by just finding somebody. Fixed a few other glitches with the pause system. Added a new class - Hobos! They spawn in Downtown LS. Their spawn weapons are bad, but they have a charity nearby that will give them free weapons! Fixed a few issues with pickups, too.

12-12 - Have a fully-working race script! Races automatically start every few minutes and automatically end and restart.\nIn-race hazard pickups added, when one is picked up your car's tires may pop, health may decrease or\nyour car might even flip into the air! Fixed a serious bug with dueling.

12-8 - It took a lot of time, but I finally finished making a BETA race script. It will auto-start races every 10 minutes. Fixed a bug in duels where the loser doesn't spawn with weapons. Fixed the kill spree text draw (hopefully). Fixed a certain Hell-sent pickup that would crash the server.

11-2 - ALL bugs that are testable with 1 person should be fixed. Added a deagle c-bug practice script where you can empty a deagle clip and it will tell you how many milliseconds it took. The top 3 speeds are recorded and readable with /deaglerecord. You can use /cbug to start the test and /stopdeagle when you are done.

10-19 - Removed the NRG stunting message that appears when you're stunting. To make the scripts and server cleaner, the NRGs used in stunting are kept track of, and will respawn in their original location if the player leaves stunting. /nrg now heals and brings the NRG to you.

10-18 - Fixed a problem with death messages not showing. Made /stunt send you to a virtual world so people can't bother you during stunting. Fixed a bug with deagle record recording. Fixed a bug where you aren't considered out of a race after typing /quitrace. Fixed a bug where /stunt didn't detect if you were already in an event.

10-17 - Added a C-bug speed script. You can use /cbug to activate the mode, and the speed it took you to shoot 7 deagle shots is put on the chat. It will show to all others who are using /cbug. The top 3 speeds are recorded, and you gain money for beating records.

10-14 - Fixed a bug with weed where it doesn't stop refilling health. Hospital health no longer disappears when someone takes it. You now hold down the crouch key to get a dropped weapon instead of repeatedly pressing it. Hopefully fixed kill sprees - killing people in multiples of 5 sends a message to the chat, and gives you bonuses. Translated the /help system to Spanish.

10-12 - Fixed bug where you respawn with drugs if you exit a duel vehicle. Fixed races.

10-11 - Gang houses now play Dirty South Radio - you can disable this in your PCP. Added an anti-pause death evade system. Fixed potential /reclass abuse, multiple duel bugs, and threw people in a VW when they go stunting, so as to avoid teleportation accusations.

10-9 - Added gang houses and weed. Redid pickups so that they are all done in one script. Added a small help system (/help).

10/1 - Added ability to drop weapons by using /d, other players can pick them up. Weapons also drop when you kill someone. Bike DB duels should work now.

7-23 - Fixed menu problem with Market's Ammunation, and both Market and Willowfield's Ammunations are fully functional! Player Control Panel now has an option to set your language to either Spanish or English, although script translation is not done.

7-18 - You can now disable gang comments via your player control panel.

6-25 - Added a race filterscript! 2 races are made so far. Cars are automatically provided, and you get nitro for your car when you are racing. Fixed a problem with rustler duels not recognizing when someone loses. Weapon / health / armor pickups work perfectly now, and will respawn every 45 seconds (this is synced to all players).

6-10 - All gangs have a modded vehicle somewhere in their spawn. Added ping and FPS values to /stats.

6-9 - Added an Ammunation system in Willowfield that seems to work fine. Adding a different one in Market which seems to have some problems right now.

6-7 - Weapons, armor and health now respawn every 60 seconds. Your color is set to white when you disconnect, and set to the actual gang color after you spawn. You now cannot chat if you aren't spawned.

5-28 - Enforcers now give armor (temporary update until armor and health respawn properly). Added new health + armor spawn near Didier Sach's.

5-27 - Added rustler option to duel menu. Character comments for Vagos and Ballas added.

5-24 - Hopefully fixed /reclass bug where you can't be killed by Grove Street. Modified weapon anti-cheat.

5-7 - Hopefully fixed the armor thing where people get armor when they pick weapons up (wasn't supposed to really happen).

5/6 - Did a HUGE organization overhaul on the admin system. Added /vspec. Experimental OnPlayerDeath gang comments implemented - when you kill someone as GSF or a Balla, it should play a comment for you and the person you killed.

5/2 - Added lots of new cars, thanks to [RD]matthewmola. Fixed /nrg.

4/13 - Re-ordered the stunt numbers to omit the 80 - 122 gap, added some new stunts.

4/11 - Added /weatherids command, added 7 new stunts. Credit goes to [GFc]The_Stunter.

4/9 - Fixed /skin and /weather commands

4/1 - Added 4 new stunts. Credit goes to some random YouTubers.

3/27 - About half of the stunts acquired via the /stunt command have target coronas. Upon completing the stunt and entering the corona, you will receive money! After typing /leavestunt, you will be shown your statistics. These stats are not saved.

3/24 - Fixed (hopefully) many bugs, including weapon pickups, no-reloading with non-Sawnoffs (this is allowed), and armor spawns. \nMade many advancements in the stunt system.

3/23 - Stunts are almost able to show you a corona where you must jump to, and will reward you with money!

3/18 - Your ID now shows up near your name in the chat.

3/17 - Updated the deathmatch event script with a few new places.


SAG News and Updates / New YouTube Channel + Facebook Page!
« on: September 24, 2012, 10:22:06 pm »
I have completed the introduction video for the server and have uploaded it to YouTube under a new San Andreas Gangwars YouTube channel.

The video can be watched at this link:
Once clicking you will apparently see the uploader and may subscribe, comment, rate or whatever you like.

The YouTube channel's video and gallery contents are open to anybody who wishes to add any videos or pictures of the server's gameplay - post links to pictures or videos here if you have one you want to show. <--Facebook. Server events will be posted there as well as here on the forum.

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